Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a Straight Line East

Up early in Wyoming, we headed east. The highway defines 'straight' as it meets and extends beyond the horizon. Our first destination was Mt. Rushmore - where Gutzon Borgiun, the son of Danish immigrants transformed cliffs of stone into 60 ft. monuments to Jefferson, Washington, T.R. Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Equally or perhaps even more impressive were the stark Badlands. The scenic loop at sunset was a delight of stark caverns, high pillars and prairie dogs! We loved it.

The next day, we continued 'straight'...and on to South Dakota. Farmlands ribboned forward...corn and wheat...and we stopped in Mitchell to visit the Corn Palace...first built in 1892 to celebrate corn...and each following year the building's facades and interior are redecorated in varieties of corn to celebrate the region and the nation. Each scene is designed, planned and ‘hammered’ into place with strips of kernels. And in nearby Blue Earth, there is a 60 ft. statue of the Green Giant…who looked even happier than he does on a can of peas.

East of La Crosse, Wisconsin, we stopped for the evening. The recommendation of a 'fish fry' at the local restaurant capped the evening.

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