Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Potatoes, Trout & Rich Scenery

To Eric, a spud lover, Idaho is precious soil. His baked potato at dinner in Idaho Falls met his highest expectations.

The next morning we followed the Snake River north to Jackson. Farmlands stretched to the mountain bases and around us we clearly saw what is meant by large scale farming. Lines of irrigation 'spiders' moved across the rich green fields. We drove on to Jackson through small towns and passed local establishments...a favorite being "Jake's Midnight Taxidermy".

Jackson is a funky town that combines unadorned Old West and uptown restaurants and retail. The afternoon was fishing time in the Grand Tetons National Park. Eric's catch from the Snake River led to a wonderful dinner of cut throat trout.

Off to check out Yellowstone National Park and on to Buffalo Bill in Cody, Wyoming today.

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