Monday, August 31, 2009

Jasper to Banff

Jasper... far away and very beautiful - mountains in every directions, waterfalls, and hot springs and two days of wonderful explores. Lakes, rivers, and fir trees are rimmed by staggering mountain peaks...and how lucky we were to have sunny skies and warm temperatures. Late in the afternoon, we drove to the Miette Hot Springs high above the valleys of Jasper. Our drive was slowed by mountain sheep - with horns the size of swirling saucers. They filed down the highway as we approached the Springs. Two pools of 104 degrees and two pools of 48 or 55 degrees provided a sharp folk soaked in the sunshine.

In the morning, we returned to the Icefields Parkway. Traveling south offered a new yet stunning perspective. In the afternoon, we took off to explore Banff...Above the town is a botanical garden that cascades in flowers down the hills. Every winter, the head gardener supervises the removal of all perennials and the ordering of new annuals...lots of work for amazing beauty. Imagine, pansies, poppies, carnations...all in flower.

We drove way above the town towards the gondala lift. Not far from the town's perimeter a grey wolf trotted 'home' alongside the golf course as we drove by and a radio-collared cow elk snacked on greenery at the road's edge. We're both going digital!


  1. I presume the moose photo is a bronze!! Great pictures and comments. Been trying to work out how you attached/inserted the pictures.

  2. just had to let you know my ATW ticket is booked, leaving London Jan 20th - yahoooooooooo!